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Our programs and services are our commitment to a community free from violence and abuse. Building stronger families to prevent, stop, and heal nearly 3000 families a year.  Click here to Learn More.

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Big Bash Color Dash

A 5K family friendly fun walk/run for all ages and fitness levels. You won’t want to miss exciting “color explosions”, activities for families, food and drink, and a live DJ.
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Your donation can change the life of a family and their children. Your tax deductible donation makes it possible for us to provide needed services to children and families affected by violence and abuse.  Click here to Donate.

The New Chairwoman

Rosalie Guthrie is wonderful. She is young, dedicated, faithful, caring and very compassionate and intelligent. She is everything any parent would want in a daughter or anyone would want on their team. Rosalie became chairwoman of Family & Children’s Place’s Board of Directors, July 1st.

Rosalie grew up in Henry County on 80 wooded acres of “my favorite place in the world.” She is a bit of a Kentucky paradox having attended both University of Kentucky and University of Louisville. After graduating Brandeis School of Law, Rosalie decided to become involved at Family & Children’s Place (F&CP) at the advice of Mary Jo Gleason, an adviser at U of L and board member at F&CP. She joined the agency’s board in 2007 around the time of the merger. Rosalie’s been on the board of the agency ever since.


“Today, Rosalie is a Family Law Attorney at Guthrie Law Office. She explains, “I work with families affected by violence and abuse in the legal system, so I have a real affinity for the agency’s mission.“ She goes on, “Guardian Ad Litem (someone appointed by the court to represent the interests of infants, the unborn, or incompetent persons in legal actions) is part of my professional experience so I know what happens when families fall apart.”

Rosalie lives in New Castle, Kentucky with her two beloved rescue dogs. Fern is a black Labrador she found on the road to her family’s farm. June is an Australian Shepard-Labrador mix, picked from over 100 dogs rescued from a local puppy mill.

“I want people to know I am a person who really feels a responsibility, in every aspect of my life, to defend people who are vulnerable.” She concludes, “Abuse has a rippling damage that goes through a family and affects the whole community. If more people would realize this fact, more people would take a greater role in helping others.”

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